Wanna One - Beautiful (Performance ver.)

發行日期: 2017/11/21
影片長度: 03:57

'TO BE ONE' Prequel Repackage album 『1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)』
The title track 'Beautiful' talks about the fear and longing for the past and the yearning for the future.
And it shows more mature aspect of Wanna One.
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  • 1
    X1 (엑스원)
  • 2
    Like Always
    X1 (엑스원)
  • 3
    I'm Here For You
    X1 (엑스원)
  • 4
    Stand Up (Intro.)
    X1 (엑스원)
  • 5
    _지마 (X1-MA)
    PRODUCE X 101