Baby One More Time!20年了還在聽►1998西洋經典回顧


[#經典再現 #必聽必收 #TBT] 流行天后布蘭妮在這一年出道,男孩特區邁入全盛期,雙雙主宰青少年市場。瑪丹娜、蘿倫希爾推出經典之作,流線胖小子引領電音潮流,莫妮卡等R&B女歌手闖出一片天。史密斯飛船演唱的世界末日主題曲更是傳唱至今~

收錄曲目(共50首 | 3小時39分鐘22秒)

  • 歌曲名

  • ...Baby One More Time
    Britney Spears (布蘭妮)

  • No Matter What
    Boyzone (男孩特區)
    當我們同在一起 (Where We Belong)

  • Kiss Me (LP Version)
    Sixpence None The Richer (蓮兒與啷噹六便士)
    幸福約定 (The Best Of Sixpence None The Richer)

  • The Cup Of Life (The Official Song Of The World Cup, France '98) (Remix - English Radio Edit)
    Ricky Martin (瑞奇馬汀)
    La Copa De La Vida

  • Believe
    Cher (雪兒)

  • Ray Of Light (Album Version)
    Madonna (瑪丹娜)
    光芒萬丈 (Ray Of Light)

  • Frozen
    Madonna (瑪丹娜)

  • Together Again
    Janet Jackson (珍娜傑克森)
    華麗的冒險 (The Velvet Rope)

  • Angel
    Sarah Mclachlan (莎拉克勞克蘭)
    透明 (Surfacing)

  • The Boy Is Mine (Duet With Monica) (Radio Edit With Intro)
    Brandy (白蘭蒂)
    美聲精選 (The Best Of Brandy)

  • Intergalactic
    Beastie Boys (野獸男孩)
    Hello Nasty

  • All That I Need
    Boyzone (男孩特區)
    當我們同在一起 (Where We Belong)

  • Teardrop
    Massive Attack (強烈衝擊)
    夾層 (Mezzanine)

  • Sexy Boy
    月光狩獵 (Moon Safari)

  • Praise You
    Fatboy Slim (流線胖小子)
    You've Come A Long Way Baby

  • Right Here Right Now
    Fatboy Slim (流線胖小子)
    Why Try Harder - The Greatest Hits

  • The Rockafeller Skank (Remastered Version)
    Fatboy Slim (流線胖小子)
    Why Try Harder - The Greatest Hits

  • You Get What You Give
    New Radicals (激進小子)
    或許你也被洗腦了 (Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too)

  • If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
    Manic Street Preachers (狂街傳教士)
    This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

  • Iris (Album Version)
    The Goo Goo Dolls (咕咕娃合唱團)
    Dizzy Up The Girl

  • Ex-Factor (Radio Edit)
    Lauryn Hill (蘿倫希爾)

  • Angel Of Mine (Monica)
    Various Artists
    歌后讚 2 (The Divas 2)

  • The First Night
    Monica (莫妮卡)
    The Boy Is Mine

  • Have You Ever (LP Version)
    Brandy (白蘭蒂)
    永不說不 (Never Say Never)

  • When You Believe (duet with Mariah Carey)
    Whitney Houston (惠妮休斯頓)
    世紀摯愛 (My Love Is Your Love)

  • Nobody's Supposed To Be Here
    Deborah Cox (黛珀拉考斯)
    只願 (One Wish)

  • Reflection
    Christina Aguilera (克莉絲汀)
    首張同名專輯 (Christina Aguilera)

  • Uninvited (From The City of Angels Soundtrack)
    Alanis Morissette (艾拉妮絲莫莉塞特)
    活的像首詩 (The Collection)

  • C'est La Vie
    B*Witched (魔法精靈)

  • Rollercoaster
    B*Witched (魔法精靈)
    同名專輯 (B*Witched)

  • Goodbye (Single Edit)
    Spice Girls (辣妹合唱團)

  • Heartbreak Hotel
    Whitney Houston (惠妮休斯頓)
    世紀摯愛 (My Love Is Your Love)

  • Millennium
    Robbie Williams (羅比威廉斯)
    眾所期待 (I've Been Expecting You)

  • Hard Knock Life
    Jay-Z (傑斯)
    硬闖天涯 (Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life)

  • Rosa Parks
    Outkast (流浪者)

  • Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
    The Offspring (後裔合唱團)

  • Fly Away
    Lenny Kravitz (藍尼克羅維茲)

  • It's Not Right But It's Okay
    Whitney Houston (惠妮休斯頓)
    世紀摯愛 (My Love Is Your Love)

  • Wide Open Spaces
    The Chicks (狄克西女子合唱團)
    Wide Open Spaces

  • My Favorite Mistake
    Sheryl Crow (雪瑞兒可洛)
    The Globe Sessions

  • Tropicalia
    Beck (貝克)
    音樂新品種 (Mutations)

  • If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Radio Edit)
    R. Kelly (勞凱利)
    The Essential R. Kelly

  • Because We Want To
    Honey To The B

  • Girlfriend
    Honey To The B

  • I Want You Back
    Melanie B

  • Gym And Tonic (Radio Edit)
    Spacedust (太空塵)
    有氧韻律舞 (Gym And Tonic)

  • To You I Belong
    B*Witched (魔法精靈)
    同名專輯 (B*Witched)

  • You Don't Know Me (Feat. Duane Harden) (Radio Edit)
    Armand Van Helden (阿蒙凡海登)

  • Waltz #2 (XO)
    Elliott Smith

  • This Is Hardcore
    Pulp (果醬合唱團)
    春宮電影 (This Is Hardcore)