Every Song Is Awesome - 超人氣、最經典動畫電影主題曲



收錄曲目(共29首 | 1小時50分鐘7秒)

  • 歌曲名

  • Everything Is Awesome ! ! !
    Mark Mothersbaugh
    The Lego Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • Where No One Goes
    John Powell (約翰鮑威爾)
    馴龍高手 2 (How To Train Your Dragon 2 )

  • Immortals (End Credit Version) ("From "Big Hero 6”)
    Fall Out Boy (打倒男孩合唱團)
    Immortals (End Credit Version) ("From "Big Hero 6”)

  • Let It Go
    Frozen (冰雪奇緣)
    冰雪奇緣電影原聲帶 (Frozen)

  • Do You Want To Build A Snowman ?
    Frozen (冰雪奇緣)
    冰雪奇緣電影原聲帶 (Frozen)

  • When Can I See You Again ?
    Wreck - It Ralph (無敵破壞王)
    無敵破壞王電影原聲帶 (Wreck - It Ralph)

  • I See The Light
    Tangled (魔髮奇緣)
    魔髮奇緣電影原聲帶 (Tangled)

  • Down To Earth (Peter Gabriel)
    WALL - E (瓦力)

  • Le Festin
    Michael Giacchino (麥可吉亞奇諾)
    料理鼠王電影原聲帶 (Ratatouille)

  • The Song Of The Heart (Album Version)
    Happy Feet (快樂腳)

  • James Taylor - Our Town - Cars (汽車總動員)
    Disney Pixar Greatest (皮克斯動畫王牌精選)

  • Believe
    The Polar Express (北極特快車)

  • Accidentally In Love
    Counting Crows (數烏鴉合唱團)
    Accidentally In Love (From Shrek 2 S/T)

  • Father And Daughter
    Paul Simon (保羅賽門)
    世紀典藏 (The Essential Paul Simon)

  • If I Didn't Have You - John Goodman And Billy Crystal - Monsters, Inc. (怪獸電力公司)
    Disney Pixar Greatest (皮克斯動畫王牌精選)

  • You'll Be In My Heart
    Phil Collins (菲爾柯林斯)
    情歌自選輯 (Love Songs)

  • When She Loved Me - Sarah Mclachlan - Toy Story 2 (玩具總動員2)
    Disney Pixar Greatest (皮克斯動畫王牌精選)

  • When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt )
    Mariah Carey (瑪麗亞凱莉)

  • Reflection
    Christina Aguilera (克莉絲汀)
    首張同名專輯 (Christina Aguilera)

  • Go The Distance
    Michael Bolton (麥可伯特恩)
    Playlist:The Very Best Of Michael Bolton

  • Colors Of The Wind - End Title
    Pocahontas (風中奇緣)

  • You've Got A Friend In Me (Lyle Lovett)
    Toy Story (玩具總動員)

  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John)
    The Lion King (獅子王)
    Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection:The Lion King

  • Circle Of Life (From "The Lion King")
    Best Of The Lion King
    Best Of The Lion King

  • A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)
    Peabo Bryson (彼柏布萊森)
    The Best Of Peabo Bryson

  • Beauty And The Beast (Ompst)
    Céline Dion (席琳狄翁)
    My Love Ultimate Essential Collection

  • Under The Sea
    The Little Mermaid (小美人魚)
    小美人魚電影原聲帶 (Special Edition)

  • Part Of Your World
    The Little Mermaid (小美人魚)
    小美人魚電影原聲帶 (Special Edition)

  • If We Hold On Together
    Diana Ross (戴安娜羅絲)
    世紀情歌 - 羅曼史 (The Very Best Of Diana Ross:Love & Life)