Ep.100: 喝太多汽水影響睡眠與成長 Carbonated drinks affect sleep


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We already know that junk food that are high in calories can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease and high blood pressure. Now we know that eating too much junk food can also affect a teenager’s sleep quality. The research team said that these findings are worrying because poor-quality of sleep has an adverse impact on adolescent health and cognitive development.

原跟讀文章: https://www.15mins.today/blog/ep-k031-junk-food-habit-affects-sleep-quality

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:

Popular adj. – liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people

The new song by Billie Eilish is very popular amongst millennials.
Boba milk tea is a popular drink around the world.
Soft-drink / Cool-drink / Carbonated drink – non-alcoholic drink that is carbonated

Research found that teenagers who drink more than three soft drinks per day were 55 percent more likely to report sleep disturbance than those who only drink one cup per day.
Carbonated drinks usually contain caffeine and large amounts of sugar.
Consumption n. / Consume v. – using up of a resource / buy or eat and drink.

People of all ages should watch their daily calorie consumption.
Consuming junk food is now a major part of our daily lives.

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