Ep.089: 網路與社群媒體的假訊息 Misinformation on the net


通勤學英語_精選詞彙單元 VOCAB 1月號





Since the investigations into Russian manipulation of US elections, FB, Twitter and other major social media companies have strived to crack down on fake news and fake information. However, according to social media analytic firms, false and misleading information tripled from Q3 of 2016 to Q3 of 2020. About two thirds of the likes and comments were of the articles published by “false content producers” or “manipulators”. These publishers pose as news sites online.

原跟讀文章: https://www.15mins.today/blog/ep-994-on-facebook-misinformation-is-more-popular-now-than-in-2016

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

Disinformation n. false information intended to mislead

Online social media were used to spread disinformation during the elections.
Disinformation can be easily shared through private channels.
Manipulator n. a person who controls or influences others in a clever way

Manipulators on FB or Twitter can pose as news outlets.
Without the necessary information and judgment, one can be easily manipulated.
Legitimate adj. conforming to the law or rules

Reuters, Bloomberg, and Associated Press are legitimate news outlets.
Documents that are not signed or chopped with company seal is not legitimate.

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