Ep.904: 不能外出怎麼運動?這三位印度運動員出奇招|How Marathon runners from India adapt to COVID-19?

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.904: How Marathon runners from India adapt to COVID-19?


Marathon runners in India have built their resilience not only in pacing but also through adapting to various running environments in the midst of the lockdown.

專業長跑運動員Praveen Sharma在疫情爆發後只能待在自己小小的公寓裡,他於是選擇到稍大一點、約30~35平方公尺的頂樓平台跑步。不過,頂樓崎嶇的地形使他在每個拐角處都要急轉彎,因此增加了運動傷害的風險。久而久之,他發現:「利用8字形跑法能保持臀部平衡,並降低受傷的機率」。

When confined to compact apartments, professional long-distance runners like Praveen Sharma turned towards his roof terrace, a mere 30-35 meters per loop. Such an improvisation, however, has increased the risk for injuries, as the rugged shape of the terrace forces Praveen to make sharp turns at every corner. Over time, he finds that utilizing the “8-shape running routine has prevented an imbalance with his hips, decreasing chances of injuries”.

50歲的電信從業人員Sudhir Agawal則採取不同的策略,他將自己的客廳和家庭辦公室改造成一條環形27公尺的臨時跑道。為了模擬出最好的訓練環境,他還設置了補水站,讓他能邊跑邊拿水,不用中途停下來。這種方法讓他跑出了往年馬拉松的兩倍距離。

Sudhir Agawal, a 50-year-old telecom professional sought out a different method: he transformed his living room and home office into a makeshift track with a loop of 27 meters. In order to simulate the most optimized training environment, he sets up water stations to grab water on the go without stopping. This method has allowed him to run double the number of marathons in previous years.

Jyotsana Rawat面臨的則是一個全新的挑戰。對她來說,場地和空間都不是問題,反而是單調的跑步形式和無休止的繞圈子,大大地影響她跑步的動力。作為一個喜歡邊跑步邊看風景的人,這無疑是項挑戰。不過,她也明白己別無選擇,因此也努力適應這種新的跑步方式。

Jyotsana Rawat faces a novel challenge. For her, land and space is not a problem. Facing the monotonous running routine and endless circles have impacted her running morale. As someone who enjoys running because of the scenery, this has proven to be an especially difficult challenge for her. However, she understands that there are “no other options” and has adapted to this new way of running.


For these three professionals, running has long been an integral part of their identities. The virus has done little to stifle their passions and motivation for running.