OMG (Feat. Sokodomo)



i can see the world
맨날 비슷한 rhyming
can I change it to another land
country she don’t likey
I get moody with this tuning up
my body really likely to be ending
at the of age 20
oh my god
I’ll just love it
when I cop one two boom bodies
I’m a Lumber jack
I’m a cutter like I never done before
Back it up
Make it up
Do it again 한번 더
Lightly weighted
Need a wing for my body shaking
Need a king for this generation
I gotta dance some more
when I be running
running around town
for little bit money
but not really money
나는 필요해 love
back to the past
and think about ughh
low key taking it back to
when i was younger
taking it back
when life was a lot smaller
I get a lot of thoughts
life too short for a lot of fuss
shit too real to make me stop
and now I’m on my universe
oh my
oh my god
let it burn
o kay now
believing in me
I’m living very petite
vaca on my mind
but I never really meant to be me
leaving the city for free
I do not pay to be seen
oh wait I am gone in a flash
I never have seen
is a king
oh one beat
but I can sound like
there are 20 of me
so when I travel to sea
I do not feel anything
작아도 보이는 키
so that why
stamina perfect
body no coffin
live in a life
where I love what is fortune
I’m like a token
shakalaka talking
that’s why
I just wanna be where i’m fortunate
뻔해 뻔한 또 내
이런건 아무도 못해네
이제는 다르게 해야해
shake it like its my dancing day
oh my
oh my god
let it burn