Horizon (feat. Elhae)

歌手: I.M, Elhae


Never know is love now
It didn't dawn today and how is it in yeah
I come out to complication
When it's bigger fast about to tears yeah
I've got time to spend use this thing just for good
Oh god unfold your hug me baby time baby I'm with her
Wanna get inside of your night
You can make me drive hold me tight
Take good go take good baby
I'm leaving you even when I go bye
I just wanna focus you should never summarize your note
Oh I'm feeling you yeah your feeling me yeah
Now we have to do yeah
I'm calling your phone I should make a way
Then we fought in the ocean
I might have to call again
Never thin any body are the things a baby don't waste it
I've been waiting all alone we can take it slow

Wayne got mine let me grab him with tipper

Yeah no I don't wanna let go, wanna let go
No I don't wanna let go, wanna let go no no no no
Baby I don't wanna let go
I don't wanna let go
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
You don't want it, you just keep sucking like in all me baby
You don't know me, whatever you say baby
You are go have to solve me
I won't tell nobody meet me right in and then love me
Tell your friends they can come party party party
Loving everybody, I love they way that you move me
The way we sorry cause we back to make us a movie yeah
I don't know about you but I know that I want you back
Tell me how you feel, cause I love what we had

I love what we had baby don't you lay me down yeah
How can I explain this comma made me by your no
I know you want me to don't hestitate
You're my homes baby take me that
Just coming over