Just A Little Money…

作詞:張哲 ╱ 作曲:張哲 ╱
歌手: RGB 樂隊


You say money, who says no
I got this vision going on and on
What's building life are the coins and bills
Getting more is all that you know

You say money, she's not in the mood
3 carat diamond just to bring her home
When night has burnt out and your love gets cold
There's simply nowhere that you can go

Just a little money, yeah
Just a little money, here we go again
Just a little money, the show never stops
Just a little money, no no no

You say money, i'd say no
I got this vision that you'll never stop
What's eating life as well as you soul
There's hunger out there you never saw

You say money , she's not in the mood
You know her appetite is like a big black hole
When money runs out and the power gets old
She can leave you even before you know, yeah!