Drunk With City

作詞:SMZB ╱ 作曲:SMZB ╱
歌手: SMZB 生命之餅


The city is a hot pot,
And we are thrown inside;
When the city is drunk,
We are vomited out.

The city is a big party,
It'll never be over.
The city is a girl,
I'm falling for her.

Here is a heaven for me;
Here is a hell for me,
I can't live without her,
I wanna get drunk with her.

I was born here,
I will die here,
I can't escape from here,
I wanna get drunk with her.

We are the vomitus of this city,
We are the alcohol of this city.

I'm walking down the street,
The city belongs to me;
I'm waiting for a full moon night,
Drunk with the street,
Drunk with the city.