Scrambled Eggs Blues

作詞:關勁松 ╱ 作曲:Seasons Lee ╱
專輯:Nothing is Under Control
歌手: 岑寧兒


Scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs
Let me scramble you
Scrambled me, scrambled you
Hear my scrambled blues
哭不出來 切個洋蔥 煎個蛋
三點半 的第一餐

Scramble me? Scramble me?
Oh I scramble you!
Don’t you get me wrong,
words are always misunderstood
說不出來 聽不明白 怎麼辦
天快亮 煎個蛋 做早餐

please have a seat, have a feast,
on my scrambled blues
Ham and cheese, cheese and cheese,
Would you like some mushroom?
Wait a minute, what is that? Oh my bad
you wanted an omelette instead
well that’s too bad, the world is scrambled,
scrambled like eggs