OOTD (feat. ØZI)

作詞:ØZI ╱ 作曲:RayRay、ØZI ╱
專輯:OOTD (feat. ØZI)
歌手: RayRay


I got word on the street that all my 'pparels slick and nasty
Everyday glazin, you could call me Krispy
My silk Made in China, I be reppin the far east
Magazine paper GQ, Vogue, and Hypebeast

I be trendy
I be trendy
Yeah now look where it got me
Luxury brands don’t use no mani’s
They just put olla them on me

Poppin tags
Coppin bags
Blowin cash
All day I be swipin

Designer pants
Different brands
Outta hand
Yea I’m a disciple of fashion
Real clean, yeah that’s how I feel
Icon, like Karl Lagerfeld
Fragrant, yeah Christian Dior
Paris Fashion Week lookin like my wardrobe

Tis my OOTD
My swag-juice be drippin
All the way down the street