Let's Breaking Down

作詞:Saebom Choi ╱ 作曲:Saebom Choi ╱ 編曲:Big Baby Driver
專輯:Big Baby Driver
歌手: Big Baby Driver


專輯:Big Baby Driver
歌曲:Let's Breaking Down
作曲:Saebom Choi
作詞:Saebom Choi

Let's breaking down this question
Why all things keep falling when you pass me by

You know I don't like to think twice
But I'd like to try to solve this anyhow

Cause you leave me in your mess

Cause you put me in your mess

Can't we even talk this over
After all I've been here two long years

You know I know always tried to be nice
But you just need a maid or super cleaning lady

Don't leave me in your mess