Get On My Level

作詞:周湯豪、Flowsik ╱ 作曲:Borgore、周湯豪、Flowsik ╱ 編曲:Borgore


spot I gotta have it
I do it well 24/7 bro I aint bragging
Look I’m in the cut cooking,
Then its lights camera action
A plus game, mayne,
Give shorty some satisfaction red lights I be passing em
Stack them checks I’m cashing em
They can’t hang I’m outlasting em
Way over the limit surpassing em
Crown on top of the dome, I got it,
Rubber band stack up in the pocket
Light it up and burn it burn it down then watch me drop it
Lets hit ‘em with that new,ew
Get this bread yes thats what we gon’ do, oo
End of the day it’s just me and my crew ew
Never get enough,
Yeah I’m forever

So watch me
Drop it Drop it
Number 1 gotta have it
So Drop it Drop it
Aint nobody can stop me
I go Drop it Drop it
No! you can't stop it
So Just Drop it Drop it

Get on My Level