Belial (feat. Lily)

作詞:Sally ╱ 作曲:cross ╱
專輯:Belial (feat. Lily)
歌手: cross (日)


I've travelled far and long
My power is weak from the paths of pain
Memories of bloodbaths is all that remains - cause I am one with my sword
Try to recall the masters voice, the image is so clear but the words have died
He told us all before the battle to fight till death; till Death! or bleed on the cross... bleed on the cross
The lords were with us at first, but then they lost interest
Chaos command, none-existent rules, everyone is fighting for self-existence...
Behold My Sword!
The gate appears it draws me near, lord Kur is standing there, the battle is vile, it fills my soul, bloodshed all around
Ripping hearts, slashing veins, vomiting guts, a tasteful feast!
The heart of Kur, I rip it out, and hold it towards the sky, its power is strong, it wants me in; I enter its chambers!
I; now victorious master of the seven blackened seas
Hear my voice, I condemn this battle not to ever cease!
Come forth! you feeble ones and taste my sword! To reap your souls, that's my desire!