In The Deep Forest

作詞:安野 勇太 ╱ 作曲:安野 勇太 ╱
專輯:Where The Light Remains


This is a song for you and me and the holy night and the blue sky.
To the lambs lost in the deep forest fog.
This song is for them and you.

In this life there is nothing without some meaning.
Even the scars and the lies and the regrets become part of your body.
So you don't worry.

You don't need to do anything for anyone.
Just live for yourself.
So don't you try the impossible.
I know that you are so lonely and weary.

The world makes you feel you are alone.
Too many people and your life is nothing.
But don't forget you are the only one.
To you irreplaceable.

So many words.
So many tears.
So many smiles.
And so many hearts.
We are up held by many feelings.
So you'll never forget that.
We have the love and the freedom.
We have a dream.
And we have a chance.
Hope and despair are waiting for you.
But still our lives are shining just like magic.

Never be mean or lose your sympathy.
'Cause you are not a victim.
Time will not solve just anything.
'Cause change is up to you.

Rain makes the rainbow.
The blue bird carries happiness for all.
You stop to cry
your tears are shining like a miracle.
your road is shining just like magic.