Rat Race (Vin Matteo)


Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume One

Various Artists



They can see you coming for so many miles away.
Before you even open your mouth they know just what you gonna say
But you had to make it on your own
Now your in way to deep and upset because your all alone
They pick you up and you keep falling flat on your face
I guess its ok you’ll soon find your way but beware ita a rat race
Your thirties flew right by and your still taking off your close
you been taking reel good care and man it shows
but you been playing the game this way for far too long
what will they want with you when all your pretty looks have gone
do you slide out of bed and pile on the makeup or do you just leave
you’ve been here before and you know the score just who’s using who in this rat race
you’ve been led for too long right by your nose
you been snuck from behind so many times you know your back door will never close
that downward spiral feels just like a fall from grace you been here to long
you just don’t belong time to get out of the rat race
now you see them coming and you don’t even want a taste
you never had courage or didn’t have what it takes
you keep saying that you missed your calling is that because your such a waste
well don’t blame yourself its cause somebody else