New York's Finest (Kimon & The Prophets)


Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume One

Various Artists



She came riding down from Detroit
On a Harley pimped with chrome
Packin’ a New York disposition
Man I knew that I was home
With some counterfeit one hundreds
She took me on the town
Wasn’t long till we were wasted
And lost track of the rounds

We went all night, All lawless night
We went all night, till the morning light
Until new New York’s Finest…
Locked us up tight

We left Chinatown for wanting
Somewhere on the Lower East Side
Found some spicy Kung Pao chicken
That’s where I asked her to be my bride
If I had read my fortune cookie
I might have stopped there and thought twice
About that Coney Island gypsy
And her 5 buck sage advice

Then I woke up in the pokey
Underneath the hot tin throne
During the blue man inquisition
I learned the wedding was postponed
It seemed I was moving uptown
To the Riker’s Grand Hotel
While my baby found her true love
In her cell mate named Michelle