Promised Land (Big Bone Daddy)


Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume One

Various Artists



One foot on the Platform brother
One on the boat
One on the landing man
I know the other won't float
Keep our head out the water now
Your nose above the line
I haven't seen a dry spot mister
in quite a long time

Reel me in if you can now buddy
Maybe throw me a rope
Pull as hard as you can now
Or just throw me some soap
Treading water ain't as easy
As it was long ago
Workin hard everyday sir
My age is startin' to show

Mmmm Mmmm Aint no Promised Land
Ain't no party after the show
Mmmm Mmmm Aint no Promised Land
I got nowhere to go

Keepin up with the next guy
Was never part of the plan
Just want what I need now
I'm my own kind of man
Keep your troubles on your own side
Don't worry 'bout mine
Things'll pass as they can now
It's just a matter of time

Got No Where To Go