No Ordinary Year (不凡之年) (艾娜兒)

專輯:楓紅的微涼邂逅 (Traveling With Music)
歌手: Various Artists


In a brisk, backward glance to the onlooker's eye
Another short year has now drifted on by
A few moments of bliss and God, still too much pain
Come twelve months full cycle and more of the same?

But somewhere, it's different; yes, elsewhere there's haste
To render new meaning to chances we waste
Like the dreams in our closets and hope in our hearts
That both lie unspoken till long past the scars

"Hold on, hold on; when there's resistance
Send light from above; "hold on, hold on" she said
"For though the wall might stand years
It will crumble to pieces with love..."

So these distant transmissions keep seeking my ear
And tonight, its clear signal: "this was no ordinary year..."
Its days would know rebirth from under the snow
When no hint of life was detected or shown

"Hold on, hold on..."

The path was uncertain and ridden with thorns
As the wizard kept spawning new games
Well there's magic in angels and flight in their wings
But their power to heal is the sound when they sing...

He grew younger in spirit and shifted his role
And as sickness withdrew became gentler of soul
He sent love to this traveller; a love reconciled
And nourished a pipeline that strengthens each mile

"Hold on, hold on..."

So, in the calm of repose through this holiday time
Let no thought intrude on the growth we've defined
For if time's but a veil o'er this journey divine
Then a year soon retired saw two hearts find their stride