You Are My Star

作詞:黃湘怡 ╱ 作曲:黃湘怡 ╱ 編曲:莊嘉維
專輯:遊唱動物園 (Bossa Zoo)
歌手: 黃湘怡 & 遊唱寶貝 (Stella & Bossa Baby)


Twinkle twinkle little star
I wonder just how high you are
Up above the sky
Every night you shine

Rock-a-bye my baby sleep
I wonder what are in your dreams
Dream beyond the skies
I know you will shine

You're my twinkle star
Just look how bright you are
You're my twinkle star
I know how bright you are

Take my dreams with you
Fly ahead I'll be just right behind
You may think your wings are small
But they are strong

Never be afraid
Always keep your faith
You'll shine