I Sing

作詞:李王若涵 ╱ 作曲:李王若涵 ╱ 編曲:秦四風
專輯:I Sing
歌手: 黃小琥 (Tiger Huang)


I sing when sun is shining through.
I sing when love is shared by two
I sing when summer turns to fall,
when teardrops frozen into snow.

There is a voice that heals your heart.
There is a hand that helps you through.
Whenever spirit hides its way, I rise my head and say.
It's gonna be okay.
Somehow I'll find my way.
And I'll sing.

I sing for every happiness in me
I sing for every drifter in the world.
I sing for you, the one I love the most.
I will rise above to see the morning glory and I'll sing.

I sing the song that's coming from my heart.
I'll touch the heart when people sad and down.
The midnight soon will turn into the dawn.
The voice of love is loud and clear.
Because I sing

I sing a song for you and me.
The words are written truthfully.
It says I love you so my dear.
It's for eternity.
Everything is okay.
I finally find my way.
Because I sing
I sing