My Bad (feat. Julie Bergan) [KSHMR Edit]


My Bad (feat. Julie Bergan) [KSHMR Edit]

SHAUN, Advanced



[Verse 1]
Do you remember where we used to go, that place across the street
The one your best friend used to work at and we always went to eat
Now I’m sitting here all by myself, while you’ll be doing something else
I guess it doesn’t taste the same without you

[Chorus 1]
Do you remember the first place we got the second week of May
We could barely fit a queen size, but we loved it anyway
But the months went by and suddenly our place ran out of space
I ended up pushing you away

[Verse 2]
I remember when I called and said I had a #1
For a second I forgot that we broke up and that you’re gone
But it’s just because it’s “thanks to you”, and I know you made my dreams come true
You know it doesn’t feel the same without you

[Chorus 2]
My days got even darker, I lost track of time and place
And I didn’t wanna see no one, I was everything I hate
I know you made me happy but I couldn’t do the same
And I ended up just running away

Want you to know I still think of you
Every time I do something I know we used to do and
I just can’t help myself, can’t help missing you cause
I know I am who I am and it’s thanks to you

I heard you’re doing what you want and that you’re better now
And I’m glad that I’m not there so I can’t drag you down
But the one thing that will never change, is the smile you’re putting on my face
Cause the memories will never fade