Sigriswil ('Crash Landing on You' Title Full Ver.) (Kim Kyoung Hee)


愛的迫降 韓劇原聲帶 (Crash Landing on You Original Television Soundtrack)

Various Artists



Just for a while,
I'm pretending like
I'm still in the place we were
I was there for you
you were there for me
we know

Day will come and go again
No matter where
No matter how
Wandering about in strange night
Won't you be here by me?

Now I hold your hands
With you I feel alright
(How does it feel?)
It's been a long day or night

How does it feel my friend?
It's been a long day or night

Just for a night
I dreamed about
the times we had back in the day
I was there for you
You were there for me
We know