Sunrise In Eden (Gandalf Mix)

作曲:Edenbridge ╱
專輯:Sunrise In Eden (Definitive Edition)
歌手: Edenbridge


Along the banks of austral silence
The honey rivers flow
Time seems standing still before my eyes
The velvet sound of the ocean waves
White sand underneath
In the land of eternity
The old bridge tells a story
Of long gone centuries
And the gardens of a king far away
The palms around they whisper
The sacred holy rhymes
To keep legends alive
Endless the night, awaiting the morning
Awakened by a dream
The moon touches the sky
While a light catches my eye, I'm beholding
The stars seem to shine more intensive than ever
Enlighting the path in the dark
And then the horizon is visible for me
I'm breathing
The heartbeat of the paradise to feel
Sunrise in eden
And aurora greets the day
Wishing afterglow away
To let the magic kingdom shine in light
An endless flow in elysian fields
Sunrise in eden
And I'm holding on once more
To the moments I long for
To the ageless beauty of a world that sleeps