HBK Flow (Interlude)

歌手: Yxng Bane


Talking sideways when you fought me
They know my songs accross the country
On the M-Way doing country
We run the game and look who's country, yeah
Niggas be running they mouth but they back off when they run into your face
You should see how they wake up when they dream 'bout taking your place, sheesh
I've known all my ways since thirteen
Five man and we've got like thirty three girlies
Shit got way way too murky
Cold, thought they got the message on froze
Doin' shit they ain't seen before
We just did it, was sincere the most, umm, hey
Make sure that my kids are told
On the net you're so evolved
W-W-W What
Fuck boy, you fuck boy I'm all that your not
They servin' blowjobs with a lick on the top
Told pops, four my brothers who are locked in the box
My bro told me get it, told him I got
Brothers keeper I ain't taking no shots
Save it, uh, savings, uh
Niggas who plan they savings, uh
Basically no basic, uh
Niggas more gas than stations, uh
Flash your titties my show baby, uh
I'm at Cherry bust it with no pole baby, uh
I got broads in Atlanta