All I Want Is You (Starkers Live In Cologne, Germany, 11 / 24 / 2006) (Remastered)

作詞:Coverdale ╱ 作曲:Coverdale ╱
專輯:Unzipped (Super Deluxe Edition)
歌手: Whitesnake (白蛇合唱團)


You give me love and I can say
More than life itself you take my breath away
And I can hardly even speak
When I think about the way things used to be

I've been this way before walking in the rain
Trying to find my way I'm calling out your name
All I want is you no one else would ever do
All I want is you help me make it through another day

Take me with you when you leave
I can't stand it here alone
How my heart would surely bleed
At just the thought of trying to live without your love

You've got me begging I'm down on my knees
Believe me baby I just can't help myself
Sweet love have mercy a little sympathy
Believe me baby I can't stop thinking about you