Still In My Heart

歌手: CNBLUE 李宗泫


I live inside a fleeting dream
Chasing every vestige I can see
Avoid the cruel reality

The day you left you left me blind
But I could see the tears you tried to hide
Now the time is crawling by

I been runnin' ‘round inside a trance
I could never feel the same
Maybe I will never get the chance
Just to hold you in my arms again

Livin' in a world with you
It's tearing me apart
Carrying this sorrow through
You're still in my heart

I'll be everywhere I'm high and low
In whatever form you know
This love will never fade away
Or go astray

You said to me these last few words
“No matter what I'll find you I am sure”
It's looping on inside my head (yeah)

Could only see you in the past
Every day it's over and over
Do you think of me like that?