Southside And Guwop (Outro)


El Gato:The Human Glacier

Gucci Mane



專輯:El Gato:The Human Glacier
歌曲:Southside And Guwop (Outro)

All the bricks mixed I'm focused

Take the whole load keep smoking

No IG stay focused

Dump 'em on the road keep rolling

Snitches got me moving slow motion

Thousand pints ain't no motion

Feds got a young nigga glowing

Get rich or die trying like Jody

My bankroll I can't fold it

Bank so big can't post it

Pull up in the club and we loaded

It's robbers in the club and we noticed

It's killers in the club and they know it

Send bullets in the club and they know it

It's hitters in the club and I notice

It's envy in the club and it's showing

All the cash in I'm blowing

Different countries I'm touring

The messy bitch is so boring

Only thing I'm fucking is foreign

Got diamonds on my neck I'm litty

Pull up and go big on Diddy

So how you goin big on Biggie?

Young nigga selling kush like midget (Gato)