Last Refrain

作詞:nano ╱ 作曲:WEST GROUND ╱
專輯:Bull's Eye
歌手: Nano (日)


Long ago far away
Lonely world
A silent gray
I walked alone
Never knowing what lies ahead
And you
You gave me a light
So obscure
So naïve
I was blind
And then you reached for me
Broken heart
Beating soundlessly
To life
Once again

Take my hand
Take my soul
Share with me
The fears in your mind
When you are facing a darkened night
And I
I'll be by your side

Close your eyes
And hold your breath with me
We will dive
Into a distant dream
Beneath the waves
You have set me free
And now I see so differently
Beyond a world of gray

But if time should tear us apart
and destiny falls into the deep azure
Dry your tears and rest beside me now
Like a prayer, our story goes on

Don't let go
Don't ever forget
Forever you will be the light inside of me
Dry your tears and rest beside me now
Like a prayer the memory of you
will gently refrain again
The Last Refrain