Sabor Do Rio

專輯:Sabor Do Rio
歌手: Sérgio Mendes, Common


How y'all feelin' out there?
Sabor do Rio
Let's go
Ugh, yeah, c'mon

Laiá-laiá, laiá
Laiá-laiá, laiá

Feel the sunshine, yeah, it's summertime
Little brew, a little bit of little wine
We feeling good now, in the hood now
Rio de Janeiro, understood now?
Coming from Chicago, this is Common
I'm in the place with my man, Sergio
This is how the words'll go
This is how we rockin' in the circle, universal though

Laiá-laiá, laiá (You can feel it, c'mon, yeah)
Laiá-laiá, laiá

La music, we in sync
A lot of people doing what we can, no think
Don't think too long, don't think too wrong
When it come to this, yo, you lovin' our song
Now, we can go strong, look at the palm
Trees and feel breeze, MC's
This is how we be when the style'll be free
I love it when the ladies just smile at me

Laiá-laiá, laiá (Yeah, ah!)
Laiá-laiá, laiá (Yeah, c'mon)

Vou me aproximar
Nosso amor vai ser muito mais
Esmeralda preciosa brilha em paz
Oceano de vida pra nós

Veja essa paixão
Mergulhar na luz do luar
Vamos juntos que é melhor sonhar
Nosso samba é maior a dois

Let's go
This discussion over Rio percussion
It's like this, y'all, everything is gushin'
A little bit of water, it's what the sons and daughters
When they come to Brazil, it's all in order
Gotta go down, gotta hold down
Shout out to my man, Green from Motown
But we comin' back to Brazil to feel
The type of things that's real, yo, everybody chill and just

Laiá-laiá, laiá (Sabor do Rio)
Laiá-laiá, laiá

Yo, make the music with the sound and get busy
Everybody out there, yo, get with me
We goin' from Brazil to Chi' city
I know we got a whole live committee
This is how we be when we get to south
Yo, like 'Pac at a bar, I Get Around
Lost and found, I get around
Yo, I love the sound, you know we free bound

Never been bound by anything
And when it comes to this, I had many dreams
Let the style, just let the sound team
Up with something, that just sounds supreme
That's the one God, that's the most high
Rio de Janeiro is close by
I keep her close eye on the sound, piano
When it come to this, y'all can't just handle

When we go down, yeah, we hold down
Yo, the fort, yo, deck out your orb now
Let it go now, let it go now
Yeah, we hold down the fort, what you thought now?
Let it go now, let it go now
We can hold down the fort, what you thought now?
From the Carnival, you should know the style
Common Sense, ya'll, I'm the only child

Of my mom, Aunt Brown, hands down
I can stay focused 'cause we be the dopest
Never wrote this but it's all cool
This is what we do
The rules