Play This On A Mountain At Sunset


The Sunset Tapes:A Cool Tape Story

Jaden Smith



Yeah just go to the back
Girl standby, it's time, 'bout to blow up like a landmine
Girl standby (standby)
Girl standby, it's time, 'bout to blow up like a landmine
That you can't find
You and I, girl standby, on the beach got my hands tied
Going off like a land mine
Thoughts that I can't find
Go standby (standby), standby (standby)

I got to moon-dust, see how your body movin', ohhh
Got my hands tied, oh, land-line
Got some problems that I can't find (can't find)
On the beach, hand's tied (Get it, get it, get it, get it, let's go!)
Girl we could cause a [?] tonight, take you to the [?]
On my night
You take all my soul alive, don't know why
We the ones on the real boats in the water, we want no problem
Drink it all on the boats in the water, we want no problems
Standby, standby (Baby I like the [?])
Going out, land mine, gotta your hand now, standby
Chanel swish, they don't miss
That's a gift, this is it
We don't trip, triple flip
Mis-uh-fits, that's the clique (ohhh, standby)
Like a landline, talkin' bout no problems that I can't find
Water on the beach, land mine (don't gotta drip like this)
Oooh, standby

It's a lullaby, oooh, oooh it's a lullaby
We wanna fly, look on the fly, jump in the sky
Found this ha-aaa-
We found this- the sky, we fly-
Fly boundless, boundless, boundless
Fountains, for mountains
Mountains, stuck in the mountains
Stuck in my own ways, stuck in the hallways always
All days, been make one then
Mountains, fountains, around them
I got the water, why am I drowning?
Mountains, mountains, fountains, Allow this
How'd we allow this? It's crowded
(Dying) thousands (crying) about them
Re-routing, there's thousands, frozen, oh
How could I say
Fish are falling from the sky, my eyes seek for a ways
Blood flowing in the rivers, now on my mouth your name
Carve those letters in my leg tryna feel your pain, girl
I look the same, I'm not the same (Eyrs)
Tell me, has the valley changed, girl?
Have I been walking through your brain, girl?
I think I'm going through a change
Sunset's still feeling afraid
Tryna tell me she don't feel anything
Wait till the sky turns pink
Then you'll see why I'm boundless (crowded)
Flying, boundless, flying (Mountains)