New York Atlas

作詞:吉田美和 ╱ 作曲:中村正人 ╱
專輯:The Monster
歌手: 美夢成真 (Dreams Come True)


Ah ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha hey
Ah ah
You see my car's a little weak
When it rains it always leaks
But never on my side only on yours (I'm so sorry)
The blinker light's broken too
I had to give the signs by hand
Approaching a busy street down on Broadway
It's was so embarrassing
In mid town tunnel
You said there were windows under the waves
Driving all the way going to the LIE yeah
But the only thing that I could see was the gray walls
Oh no no
My driver's license is brand new
(But I wanted to go to the sea)
And I'm afraid to go so far (but I want to)
Well Coney island's near it's still a sea
Though it took two hours to go
At south street sea port
Strolling on the pier just two of us
Not many people hanging out here at night
Listening to the water splish and splash
We saw the fish jumping
Yea yeah yeah yeah oh oh yeah yeah yeah hey oh oh
All around New York till this atlas starts to wear
Oh it's getting dirty and the page is starting to tear
I'll be better as we go along
No need to fight anymore
Let's go see the Bellies of the landing planes
That neighborhood (you see)
It's a little tricky for me
We can stop it's close to Shea
Let's get some gas and go on
Don't you worry (yeah yeah) we're gonna get there
(Just get your license) Don't you worry
(Get your goddamn license right away) We're gonna get there
Hey hey ah oh oh aye hey hey ah oh oh aye