Give You More

作詞:Keith Justice ╱ 作曲:Keith Justice ╱
專輯:Let Love Rule
歌手: Ledisi (萊德希)


Baby, I read you like a book
I see the right in all the world
I see behind the look you gave me
You need something better

Just let me raise the bar
I bet you did't know it'd raise so far
Oh, so many times they missed the mark
You need a change, oh baby

I'm gonna give you more than that
I'm gonna give you more than that
You've been wasting your nights, can't be satisfied
I'm gonna give you more

Baby, why settle for what you like
When you can find love?
Come with me tonight, I'll show you
Where the grass is really greener
I'll take you places never seen before

Did you know? Could you find?
Something as real as you are