In This Hell

作詞:Kane Churko ╱ 作曲:Hyde ╱
歌手: Vamps


I can see all the shadows - they're moving
And I can feel it getting cold
'Cause in the darkness a battle is brewing
The enemy is getting close

Tonight - There's nothing left to fear
If we can't go back again
The future will start here

Are we ghosts or turning into something else?
You know I keep questioning myself
Are we ghosts or victims under someone's spell?
We're souls in this hell
No - I won't be like you - not ever
I will be a ghost forever

Stuck inside of a digital prison
We're unlocking our own code
We'll get their virus out of our system
They can never digitalize our soul

Our destiny is clear
We're never going back again
The future will start here