Koi Wa Maboroshi - Get It Up For Love -

作詞:Ned Doheny ╱ 作曲:Ned Doheny ╱
專輯:Shinyawaku - The Midnight Broadcasting -
歌手: 東京事變 (Tokyo Jihen)


It's a tricky situation
Hard to say just what the outcome will be
If you solve the riddle you can save your soul or
Chase love's shadow till the rivers run cold

Hey babe
Get it up, get it up for love

There's a longing in the people
No one knows just when the heartache will cease
You can flee in terror
You can stay and fight
You can stand in line and scream
「It's just not right」

but hey babe
Get it up, get it up for love

Sold for a smile
Another fallen star shatters by the wayside
Saldom do you find just what you had in mind

It's a tricky situation
Heaven knows just where the struggle must end
If it takes forever
I've got time to burn babe
I won't desert you when the tables turn