To D.R.E.A.M. (Skit)

作詞:Daystar Peterson ╱ 作曲:Daystar Peterson ╱
專輯:I Told You
歌手: Tory Lanez


專輯:I Told You
歌曲:To D.R.E.A.M. (Skit)
作曲:Daystar Peterson
作詞:Daystar Peterson

Damn nigga, I ain't even gonna lie, that shit was cold
Yea you dunno fam,
this is one of those situations where its like I know
I can get my music off the ground dog it's
a nigga need to touch some fucking money, b
yea, I feel you
Til i get that, I know I can get shit popping
A-yo fam, I got this flex
What's up?
It's in the east end, finna rob this nigga Chino
Chino nigga
Yea nigga, Chino's crib
How you expect us to pull this off though?
My nigga, I been watching this nigga's crib for
like 4 weeks now, he go to sleep every night at 1,
so we gonna run up in that shit around 2, and everything
should be good by 3
Shit, I mean as long as I can get back to my girl's
crib at around like 4, she stay with her mom though and
they both be tripping