Kimio Nosete

作詞:Hayao Miyazaki ╱ 作曲:Joe Hisaishi ╱
歌手: Sarah Alainn (莎拉歐蘭)


The horizon spreading wide
Its brightness fills the sky
Why it shines so beautifully?
Because behind it's where you hide

All the yearning that I feel
For the many lights I see
One day I know we'll finally see
On its wings Yes you and I

Let our journey start from here
With a slice of bread you baked
Everything that you'll need in your bag
All you'll need to take

My father left for me
This flaming soul I feel
My mother gave to me
This heart with truth I seek

さあ でかけよう ひときれのパン
ナイフ、ランプ かばんにつめこんで

父さんが残した 熱い想い
母さんがくれた あのまなざし

地球はまわる 君をかくして
輝く瞳 きらめく灯

地球はまわる 君をのせて
いつかきっと出会う ぼくらをのせて