New World

作詞:Sarah Àlainn ╱ 作曲:Antonín Dvorák ╱
歌手: Sarah Alainn (莎拉歐蘭)


闇の彼方 はるかなる
蒼き 峰の その先に
上り下り 踏みしめて
夢が かけめぐり 月の道しるべ

Guide the way love's true light
May your dreams take flight
Kiss of life breath of hope
May our journey start

Hear them call distant shores
To another world
Souls will pass
Free at last to Elysium
Lumine infinitus
Aurora lumina

星の大河を 渡れたら
旅が終わり 始まりに
誰も 恐れずに心 ふるわせて

Carry on until the dawn
Across the mountaintops
There you'll find a strange new world
Never seen before
No need to fear they'll be here
Smiles on the horizon
See me through
Close to you past the starlit sky

Take me to another day
These wings will take you far away
A land I never knew before till this day
Rejoice in every step you make
I remember every word you said
Remember every tear you shed(Light the way)
Will you be waiting in the New World ?