Song Of The Jet (Samba Do Avie)

作曲:Antonio Carlos Jobim、Gene Lees ╱
專輯:裘賓歌曲集 (Ella Abraca Jobim - The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook)
歌手: Ella Fitzgerald (艾拉費茲潔)


How my heart is singing
I see Rio de Janeiro
My longing, lonely days are ending
Rio, my love, there by the sea
Rio, my love, waiting for me
See the cable cars that sway above
The bay of Guanabara
Tiny sailboats far below
Dance the samba as they go
Shining Rio, there you lie
City of sun, of sea, and sky
Mountains of green rising so high
Four minutes more we’ll be there
At the airport of Galeão

Rio de Janeiro...

Statue of the Savior
With open arms above the yellow sea shore
Sugar loaf in majesty
Climbing from a silver sea
Dark eyed girls who smile at me
City of love and mysteries
Fasten seatbelts, no smoking please
Now we’re descending and everything’s rushing
And now the wheels touch the ground