Joy To The World

作詞:Isaac Watts ╱ 編曲:Meghan Malloy, Rodney Rothman
專輯:A Very Spidey Christmas
歌手: Shameik Moore


Check it
Check-check it out

Joy to the world that I just saved
You all can sleep soundly
I'm always on the clock
Vanquishing Doc Ock
And then away I swing
And then away I swing
And then away, away I swing

Get it
Ah, check-check it
Check it out

Joy to the world I keep saving
Maybe I could get paid
I saved you all again
This time from the Kingpin
And literally, I don't get paid
Kinda weird that I don't get paid
I make my own web fluid and it's not free, okay?!

No more villains 'til tomorrow
You all should sleep so sound
I'll keep a watchful eye
I'm just that kinda guy
I am the Spider-Man
I am your Spider-Man
I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Help me get to one thousand, thank you