作詞:Kyo ╱
專輯:The Insulated World


I am alone
A lonely death is all that's left
I'm backstabbed easily
The view worth risking my life, is it now dwelling in the eyes?

The meaningless hesitation marks
And my soul that's been empty for more than 10 years ha ha

Those scumbags talking bullshit
They're like pet dogs, unable to break free from the chains


Almost like a complete stranger
I'm a monster with the same face
Loneliness was the only thing that was loved
We will not give up
From freedom with form Suicide

The answer everyone believes may not necessarily be the correct one

The world of noise
What do you desire?
Just ask the future you came to realize

If you could love the bottom of my heart, it would then be somewhat comforting
We could've just smiled at each other without having to face this world

Come on

Those successful big shots
They're always swarming around me
I don't want to hear voices from anyone

I've had enough, should I try to find the purpose to live and carve THE FINAL on my arm?
Envy, love, freedom, they all turn into shit