Another Sad Love Song


CoCo's Party

李玟 (CoCo Lee)



Since you been gone
I been hangin' around here lately
With my mind messed up
Jumped in my car , tried o clear my mind
Didn't help me
I guess I'm all messed up now baby
Soon as I jumped ino my ride
Those memories start to play   A song comes on
On the radio  And hat U are baby once again

Just another sad love song  Rackin' my brain like crazy
Guess I'm all torn up   Be it fast of slow
It doesn't let go or shake me   And it's all because of you

Since you been gone
I keep thinkin' about you baby
Gets me all choked up
This heart of mine keeps dreamin' of you
And it's crazy   You'd hink I'd had enough
Soon as I get you out my head
I'm in my car again   Just one request
From the radio   I'm back in love sugar once again

Here come the strings   Then somebody sings
Only takes a beat   And then it starts killin' me darlin'
Only takes one note , I tell you,   From that radio
I's just Another   Lonely   Love song