When You Dream in Technicolor (當你做著 Technicolor 的夢)

作詞:Joanna Wang ╱ 作曲:Joanna Wang ╱
專輯:霸凌之家 (House Of Bullies)
歌手: Joanna Wang (王若琳)


專輯:霸凌之家 (House Of Bullies)
歌曲:When You Dream in Technicolor
(當你做著 Technicolor 的夢)
作曲:Joanna Wang
作詞:Joanna Wang

When you dream in technicolor,
See the sights and hear the sounds
Peculiar things that dance about
Haunt your nights and roam the grounds

Excited and frightened too
You simply don’t know what to do!

When morning comes,
the things that had been said to me
Haunt me for my waking day
I must then seek out this feeling once again
This obsession calls to me

It’s calling, calling, it calls to me!