The Cello Song (Introduction) (Live)

作曲:Not Applicable ╱
專輯:卡內基大廳現場演奏會 (Live !)
歌手: The Piano Guys (酷音樂團)


專輯:卡內基大廳現場演奏會 (Live !)
歌曲:The Cello Song (Introduction) (Live)
作曲:Not Applicable

Tonight I'm on the stage because my father never gave upon me
he is in the audience tonight
all those your daddy said you'll never play come here
well I'll show you
Ha ha he never siad that he never siad that
he is always well positive
dad I wanna dedicate this song to you
because it's a very special song
it's my favorite song you played
with a long time ago, by your Johann Sebastian Bach
whom I'm sure pay on the stage one time
he wrote the song
he wrote the piece call the other company
cello sweet number one play with the G majar
he wasn't afraid of the titles
but it's a kid, it's a kid, ADHD
I wanna to act more parts to the one cello partner Bach wrote
So I act seven more parts on what he remain
and the other side I want to show you what is
what I created and
I just called it when everybody else called it
who forgave the big long name tne Bach gave it
So I just called this the cello song