Us Against The World (不顧一切)

專輯:真愛守候 (Back Home)
歌手: Westlife (西城男孩)


You and I, we've been at it so long
I still got the strongest fire
You and I, we still know how to talk
know how to walk that wire

Sometimes I feel like
the world is against me
The sound of your voice
baby thats what saves me
When we're together
I feel so invincible

Cause its us against the world
You and me against them all
If you're listening to these words
Know that we are standing tall
I don't ever see the day that I won't
catch you when you fall
Cause its us against the world tonight

There'll be days
we'll be on different sides
But that doesn't last too long
We find ways to get it on track
We know how to turn back on

Sometimes I feel
I can't keep it together
then you hold me close
and you make it better
When I'm with you
I can feel so unbreakable

We're not gonna break
cause we both still believe
We know what we've got
and we've got what we need alright
We're doing something right