Butterfly (Disco Mix) (Mandy Gaines)

作詞:Mandy Gaines ╱ 作曲:李雨寰 ╱ 編曲:李雨寰
歌手: 李雨寰


She's the butterfly. Flying here and there.
She'll fly into your heart. Without a care.
She's here today but not long to stay.
She'll cast her spell on you. And fly away.

She takes her time. Getting ready for the night.
She's got the hottest clothes.
And the slickest style.
You know she's got to be just right.

She knows how to make her move.
When she walks through the door.
Everybody there belongs to her.
But for one night and never more.

You heard she's coming tonight.
But you don't know when or where.
And all of a sudden she's. Been there and gone.
You know she flies. On wings of air.

See you hope that you'll be next.
The one she stops to hold. And there she is.
But she's gone in a flash.
Remember her heart is made of stone.