My Day Is Full Of You

作詞:Gaemi, ZICO, Heo Sung Jin ╱ 作曲:Gaemi ╱
專輯:The King:永遠的君主 韓劇原聲帶Pt.10


I think it’s a dream to meet you
Come down into my heart with the light
I’ll put you in my eyes
I’ll keep you by my side forever

I’ll gonna give time for you
Listen to the story and keep it on your lips
I’ll give you a smile

The world is full of you
Even I look like you
Everywhere I see, it’s you

It’s you yeah
I miss you every single day
Leave you alone and ask. Where are you now?
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, spring, summer, fall
A clock hands that stopped pointing toward us

The temperature of the warm words left at the end of the conversation
Oh, different and different, all from me to you
I think I’ve arrived. Far from going alone
No more promises, no more wishes

I think it’s a dream to meet you
How could we have a hunch?
I’m coming up to you little by little
You can stay in my arms like this way

Every time I wake up early in the morning
I think of you without even realizing it
With a smile

As I see myself changing
Answer me
It’s always you to me

Love is the most beautiful thing
When I think of it for a second, I suddenly feel like I’m going to get a little cold and breathe
A palpable throbbing heart
In that short period of time, my whole life of laughter

You’re the only one for me
So much

I love you. I’m so happy
Meeting you is a happy dream
You who shed light on my day
The world is full of you