My Cat Eats My Hand



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在樂團成立初期,創團成員皆深受1990以及2000年代美國及日本搖滾樂團的影響,也因此定調了alternative rock, punk rock, post-grunge, j-rock的基本音樂表現風格。

Nothing edgy, nothing fancy.
But still, here we are, relentlessly playing songs that fit our imagination of Rock.

In April 2017, four indie musicians who had previously played in different bands formed My Cat Eats My Hand. All members are heavily influenced by 1990’s and 2000’s Rock music. Building upon this foundation, the band leverages Rock, Alternative, Punk, Post-Grunge, J-Rock, to create it’s music.
In order to explore the possibilities of music arrangements, the band integrates piano and other sound elements into solid Rock music based on guitars to add a bit of soft touch and more delicate textures to the powerful sound by doing so.