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Party Tyme Karaoke



專輯歌曲 (共99首 | 6:24:35)

  • No.

  • 1
    Rock Wit'cha (Made Popular By Bobby Brown) [Karaoke Version]

  • 2
    Sunglasses At Night (Made Popular By Corey Hart) [Karaoke Version]

  • 3
    Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Made Popular By Eurythmics) [Karaoke Version]

  • 4
    Missing You (Made Popular By John Waite) [Karaoke Version]

  • 5
    Take Me Home Tonight (Made Popular By Eddie Money) [Karaoke Version]

  • 6
    Carrie (Made Popular By Europe) [Karaoke Version]

  • 7
    Head Over Heels (Made Popular By Tears For Fears) [Karaoke Version]

  • 8
    Don't Talk To Strangers (Made Popular By Rick Springfield) [Karaoke Version]

  • 9
    Goody Two Shoes (Made Popular By Adam Ant) [Karaoke Version]

  • 10
    The Final Countdown (Made Popular By Europe) [Karaoke Version]

  • 11
    Amanda (Made Popular By Boston) [Karaoke Version]

  • 12
    Der Kommissar (Made Popular By After The Fire) [Karaoke Version]

  • 13
    Shattered Dreams (Made Popular By Johnny Hates Jazz) [Karaoke Version]

  • 14
    Bang The Drum All Day (Made Popular By Todd Rundgren) [Karaoke Version]

  • 15
    Urgent (Made Popular By Foreigner) [Karaoke Version]

  • 16
    Your Love (Made Popular By The Outfield) [Karaoke Version]

  • 17
    Heat Of The Moment (Made Popular By Asia) [Karaoke Version]

  • 18
    White Lines (Don't Do It) [Made Popular By Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five] [Karaoke Version]

  • 19
    Cruel Summer (Made Popular By Bananarama) [Karaoke Version]

  • 20
    I've Got You Under My Skin (Made Popular By Michael Buble) [Karaoke Version]

  • 21
    Still Got The Blues (For You) (Made Popular By Gary Moore) [Karaoke Version]

  • 22
    The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) (Made Popular By The Chipmunks) [Karaoke Version]

  • 23
    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Made Popular By Rod Stewart) [Karaoke Version]

  • 24
    Margaritaville (Made Popular By Jimmy Buffett) [Karaoke Version]

  • 25
    Pump It Up (Made Popular By Elvis Costello) [Karaoke Version]

  • 26
    Cat Scratch Fever (Made Popular By Ted Nugent) [Karaoke Version]

  • 27
    The Cover Of The Rolling Stone (Made Popular By Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show) [Karaoke Version]

  • 28
    Double Vision (Made Popular By Foreigner) [Karaoke Version]

  • 29
    Draggin' The Line (Made Popular By Tommy James) [Karaoke Version]

  • 30
    For Your Love (Made Popular By The Yardbirds) [Karaoke Version]

  • 31
    I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band) [Made Popular By The Moody Blues] [Karaoke Version]

  • 32
    Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Made Popular By Creedence Clearwater Revival) [Karaoke Version]

  • 33
    A Horse With No Name (Made Popular By America) [Karaoke Version]

  • 34
    Susie-Q (Made Popular By Creedence Clearwater Revival) [Karaoke Version]

  • 35
    Crazy On You (Made Popular By Heart) [Karaoke Version]

  • 36
    Shooting Star (Made Popular By Bad Company) [Karaoke Version]

  • 37
    So Into You (Made Popular By Atlanta Rhythm Section) [Karaoke Version]

  • 38
    Knocking At Your Back Door (Made Popular By Deep Purple) [Karaoke Version]

  • 39
    Your Mama Don't Dance (Made Popular By Loggins and Messina) [Karaoke Version]

  • 40
    Cocaine (Made Popular By Eric Clapton) [Karaoke Version]

  • 41
    Gloria (Made Popular By Van Morrison [Them]) [Karaoke Version]

  • 42
    White Room (Made Popular By Creme) [Karaoke Version]

  • 43
    I Got A Line On You (Made Popular By Spirit) [Karaoke Version]

  • 44
    A Salty Dog (Made Popular By Procol Harum) [Karaoke Version]

  • 45
    Believe (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Cher) [Karaoke Version]

  • 46
    Bitch (Dance Version) (Made Popular By Meredith Brooks) [Karaoke Version]

  • 47
    Breakfast At Tiffany's (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Deep Blue Something) [Karaoke Version]

  • 48
    Don't Speak (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By No Doubt) [Karaoke Version]

  • 49
    How Do I Live (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Leann Rimes) [Karaoke Version]

  • 50
    Killing Me Softly With His Song (Made Popular By Sybersound Dance Remix) [Karaoke Version]

  • 51
    My Heart Will Go On (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Celine Dion) [Karaoke Version]

  • 52
    Name (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Goo Goo Dolls) [Karaoke Version]

  • 53
    Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Deborah Cox) [Karaoke Version]

  • 54
    Not Gon' Cry (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Mary J Blige) [Karaoke Version]

  • 55
    Un-Break My Heart (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Toni Braxton) [Karaoke Version]

  • 56
    Where Have All The Cowboys Gone (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Paula Cole) [Karaoke Version]

  • 57
    You Oughta Know (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Alanis Morissette) [Karaoke Version]

  • 58
    Do What's Good For Me (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By 2 Unlimited) [Karaoke Version]

  • 59
    Everyday Is A Winding Road (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Sheryl Crow) [Karaoke Version]

  • 60
    I Love You Always Forever (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Donna Lewis) [Karaoke Version]

  • 61
    I Want To Come Over (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By Melissa Etheridge) [Karaoke Version]

  • 62
    Macarena (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Los Del Rio) [Karaoke Version]

  • 63
    Mmm Bop (Dance Remix) (Made Popular By Hanson) [Karaoke Version]

  • 64
    Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit (Made Popular By Gina G) [Karaoke Version]

  • 65
    Fly (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By Sugar Ray) [Karaoke Version]

  • 66
    All My Life (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By K-Ci & Jojo) [Karaoke Version]

  • 67
    Tubthumping (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By Chumbawamba) [Karaoke Version]

  • 68
    I Believe In You And Me (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By Whitney Houston) [Karaoke Version]

  • 69
    Soon As I Get Home (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By Faith Evans) [Karaoke Version]

  • 70
    Lump (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By The Presidents of the USA) [Karaoke Version]

  • 71
    I Believe I Can Fly (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By R. Kelly) [Karaoke Version]

  • 72
    Run-Around (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By Blues Traveler) [Karaoke Version]

  • 73
    Semi-Charmed Life (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By Third Eye Blind) [Karaoke Version]

  • 74
    Sweet Dreams (Dance Mix) (Made Popular By La Bouche) [Karaoke Version]

  • 75
    You Sexy Thing (Made Popular By Hot Chocolate) [Karaoke Version]

  • 76
    Lose Yourself (Made Popular By Eminem) [Karaoke Version]

  • 77
    Where Is The Love (Made Popular By The Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake) [Karaoke Version]

  • 78
    Rapper's Delight (Made Popular By The Sugerhill Gang) [Karaoke Version]

  • 79
    No Brainer (Made Popular By DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo) [Karaoke Version]

  • 80
    Let's Talk About Sex (Made Popular By Salt 'N Pepa) [Karaoke Version]

  • 81
    Rent (Made Popular By Big Freedia) [Karaoke Version]

  • 82
    Angel (Made Popular By Shaggy) [Karaoke Version]

  • 83
    Rodeo (Made Popular By Lil Nas X And Cardi B) [Karaoke Version]

  • 84
    Is This Love (Made Popular By Bob Marley And The Wailers) [Karaoke Version]

  • 85
    (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You (Made Popular By UB40) [Karaoke Version]

  • 86
    All I Ask of You (Made Popular By "Phantom of The Opera") [Karaoke Version]

  • 87
    Memory (Made Popular By "Cats") [Karaoke Version]

  • 88
    Belle (Made Popular By "Beauty And The Beast") [Karaoke Version]

  • 89
    How Far I'll Go (Made Popular By "Moana") [Karaoke Version]

  • 90
    Falling Slowly (Made Popular By Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova) [Karaoke Version]

  • 91
    A Boy Like That And I Have A Love (Duet) (Made Popular By "West Side Story") [Karaoke Version]

  • 92
    Stay - Let's Hang On - Opus 17 (Don't Worry About Me) - Bye Bye Baby (Medley) (Made Popular By "Jersey Boys") [Karaoke Version]

  • 93
    Get Up Offa That Thing (Made Popular By James Brown) [Karaoke Version]

  • 94
    Always And Forever (Made Popular By Heatwave) [Karaoke Version]

  • 95
    Love T.K.O. (Made Popular By Teddy Pendergrass) [Karaoke Version]

  • 96
    The Cisco Kid (Made Popular By War) [Karaoke Version]

  • 97
    Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved (Made Popular By James Brown) [Karaoke Version]

  • 98
    The Payback (Made Popular By James Brown) [Karaoke Version]

  • 99
    Blame It On The Bossa Nova (Made Popular By Eydie Gorme) [Karaoke Version]

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